DURF: what can we do for you?

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Entrepreneurs and individuals
You’ve probably thought – at least once – about making a change in your life: moving house, getting a new job, retiring early, starting (or shutting down) a business. But is that change realistic, given your situation? And what would the financial consequences be? When you understand your current situation, you sometimes DARE to take a leap and work toward big changes in your life. We are happy to assist!


Say you have a specific financial question: should I pay off all or part of my mortgage, save for retirement, invest or give my children a financial gift? You have various savings and assets, but lack oversight – should you cancel that insurance policy, or not? Here, too, the same principle applies: when you understand your current situation, you DARE to take real financial decisions.


Imagine something changes in your financial situation: Your income decreases because you lose your job. You receive an inheritance. A term life or pension insurance policy reaches maturity. You are eager to know which financial decisions are best for you, in light of these new circumstances. When you know what you want, and what your current situation is, you DARE to take action.

At DURF, we give you confidence. We listen to who you are. And what you want. Then we conduct a thorough analysis of your financial position. We work with you to arrive at concrete recommendations that you can implement on your own. Rather than acting as intermediaries for financial products, we give you the confidence to arrange these on your own.

Do you DARE to take action?